The Broughton Catholic Charitable Society

England’s oldest Catholic Charitable Society


The Broughton Society, which was formed in 1787 during the Smallpox epidemic and has met ever since, is continuing to help those in hardship and need.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and Social distancing, the Board of Management & Trustees have made the decision to suspend the Social activities of the Society until 2021

The Social activities take place in the first 6 months following the Whitsun AGM and, due to the fact that a large proportion of the membership are elderly, it was felt that the Society did not want to risk its members meeting together during 2020.

The Chairman, President, Officers and Board of Management and Trustees will continue in their current roles until the AGM on Whit Tuesday – 25th May 2021 when it is hoped the Social Activities will recommence. The Annual Newsletter will only be published in the Spring of 2021.

Objects of the Society

  It is important that the Broughton Society continues to fulfil its objects, which are the Spiritual Benefits of its members both living and dead, and the relief of hardship wherever it is encountered. 

Spiritual Benefits - ongoing

  Please contact the Secretary if you are aware of a member who has died or is near death and the Society will arrange for a Mass to be celebrated for their departing soul and further Masses during the following year/s 

Alms Giving - ongoing

 Members of one year’s standing are entitled to petition for alms on behalf of some needy person, family or organisation, priority will be given to urgent cases within old Lancashire. Such petitions should be made in writing to the Secretary following Whit Tuesday 2 June 2020. The petition should give sufficient details to help the Board in reaching a decision and, if possible, it should be supported by a priest familiar with the case. Petitions from non‑members cannot be considered. 


  There will be no AGM during 2020 and therefore the Membership fees are now due and will remain at £10 per person or £200 for life Membership. All Members (Including Life Members) are asked to consider donating generously to the Broughton Society so that we can fulfil our Alms Giving objects in these unprecedented times. 


Please take care and God Bless

The Chairman, Board and Trustees of the Broughton Society



The Broughton Catholic Charitable Society - COVID-19 Notice (pdf)


Membership & Payments Form. Please contact the Secretary if you do not know your Membership Number (pdf)